“I am inspired by the passion of Baseball Beyond Borders to ensure that each and every student athlete has the opportunity to not only hope for their future, but actually prepare for the future they hope for.” – Event attendee

Its statements like the one above that make it easy for us to say, THANK YOU. Due to the generous donations and contributions from our sponsors, we were able to raise $40,000 which supports our vision to connect student athlete’s passions to their academic future.

Attendees gained a better understanding of our academic model, Moving Beyond 12, which works to prepare student-athletes for life after high school by connecting their skills, passions and desires to the necessary education and training to achieve their goals. The organizations’ shared belief in a comprehensive approach to community youth development helps youth and families build the skills and confidence needed to be productive citizens.

Keynote Speaker, Nelson Cooper IV, focused his address on the power of investing. He reflected back to his experience with the organization as a 13 year old and its impact. He states, “The program, in it’s current state, is a return on investment for all, coaches, parents and community. But this investing principle goes further than just the adults investing in the kids who come to the program. This program allows and challenges each kid to invest in themselves in order to become better athletes, and more importantly, through the sport of baseball, become better students and eventually successful adults.”

In addition to learning more about our work, we had the privileged to honor some very special individuals that has contributed to our success. We awarded, Stevie Allen, our 2016 Volunteer of the Year Award for his tireless work in community as a coach since we launched our inception in 2007. While supporting our work, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of opening his own restaurant the following year, Emerald City Fish and Chips.

Finally, as a tribute to a women dedicated and committed to education, athletics, and community, we honored my mother, Gert Hauser, by naming an award on her behalf, the Gert Hauser Moving Beyond 12 Award. This award will be presented annually to a recipient that embodies the above traits while supporting their pursuit of post-secondary or post-graduate studies with a $1,000 Academic award. This years awardee was keynote, Nelson Cooper IV.

The event was a memorable one that recognized the many strengths of the organization while embracing the notion, we still have a long road to travel. However, the road traveled is better when we are together to see transformation happen in our communities. You can still contribute to the success of our work by adopting a player, shop to support, purchase team apparel or simply make a donation to our college/career readiness model. Click the button below for more information!

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The Journey Continues – MB12 9-Innings from Moving Beyond 12.