“It is so important to make sure our youth are academically, emotionally and intellectually prepared to be successful in college, not just on the playing field, but in the classroom. Moving Beyond 12 prepares our youth for life success.”
Dr. Alexes Harris, Board of Director

“A life is not important, except for the impact it has on other lives”

– Jackie Robinson

Welcome to Moving Beyond 12, a comprehensive college/career preparatory curriculum for student athletes – a series of capacity building trainings to deliver student workshops, family engagement activities, mentoring and one-to-one advising. Moving Beyond 12 works to prepare students for life after high school by connecting their skills, passions and desires to the necessary education and training to achieve their goals. We help students make choices that promote success in college and beyond. You can become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram @movingbeyond12 for updates and more.

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MB12 – The Journey Begins

A glimpse into the sports based community development organization institutional partner, Moving Beyond 12, and its college/career preparation model.


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